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Q. What is the SmartPass and how do I get one?

SmartPass is a partnership between the Associated Students of Foothill College (ASFC) and Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority (VTA), which gives Foothill College students the opportunity to enjoy unlimited rides on VTA's Regular Bus Service and Light Rail Service for the duration of each quarter provided you are currently enrolled for the quarter. The SmartPass is load on a Clipper card. The Clipper card is a reloadable contactless smart card used for electronic transit fare payment in the San Francisco/San Jose Bay Area. Keep your Clipper card, it is good for multiple quarters and for life beyond Foothill College.

Q. How do I get a Clipper card?

Get your personalized Clipper card from ASFC Welcome Centerin the Campus Center, room 2016.  You must be enrolled in at least one credit class. Your new SmartPass Clipper card is available for immediate VTA travel.

Q. Do I need to get a new Clipper card each quarter?

No. Keep your Clipper card, it is good for multiple quarters and for life beyond Foothill College.

Q. Do I need to come in to get a new SmartPass each quarter?

No.  As long as you are enrolled in at least one credit class each quarter the SmartPass will remain active.

Q. Is there a grace period after the expiration date of the old SmartPass?

The VTA SmartPass is generally valid for two weeks before the previous quarter ends and two weeks after the next quarter begins. The valid dates are listed below. After this period, there's no grace period. VTA will not allow you to board if your SmartPass has expired and you have not loaded any cash on your Clipper card.

SmartPass Quarter SmartPass Ordering Begins SmartPass Ordering Ends SmartPass Valid From SmartPass Valid To
Summer 8th week of spring 8th week of summer 4 weeks before end of spring 2 weeks after start of fall
Fall 9th week of summer 8th week of fall 2 weeks before start of fall 2 weeks after start of winter
Winter 9th week of fall 8th week of winter 2 weeks before end of fall 2 weeks after start of spring
Spring 9th week of winter 8th week of spring 2 weeks before end of winter 2 weeks after start of summer

Q. Can I use the SmartPass during recess periods between quarters?

 Yes, see the above grid. With a two-week overlap period at the start and end of each quarter, the valid dates overlap from quarter to quarter, which will allow use of the SmartPass during winter, spring and summer recess breaks.

Q. I have applied for financial aid and I am waiting for financial aid approval and/or disbursement.

 Students generally receive their financial aid during the first week of classes. As previously mentioned, the SmartPass is generally valid for two weeks before the previous quarter ends and two weeks after the next quarter begins.

Q. Can I use the Clipper card for other transit agencies?

Yes, but only if you place additional value onto the Clipper card. No additional value is needed to ride the VTA bus system and light rail within Santa Clara County, but is required for other transit agencies (BART, CalTrain, Muni, SamTrans, etc.).

Q. I already have a Clipper card. Can I use it for the SmartPass?

No. The SmartPass can only be loaded on Clipper cards provided by the ASFC Welcome Center.

Q. Should I register my Clipper card with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC)?

Yes, it is HIGHLY recommended that you register your Clipper card with the MTC, especially if you think you might add value and other passes besides the SmartPass (BART, CalTrain, Muni, etc.). If you do not register your card and you lose it you will lose all non-SmartPass values you have placed on the card. To register go to www.clippercard.com and click on the "Register a card" link on the top left side of the page. You will need to create a My Clipper account.

Q. I dropped all my classes. Is my SmartPass still valid?

No, once you drop all your classes your SmartPass will be disabled within 72 hours. DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR CLIPPER CARD. It is still valid for any other values you have added.

Q. I lost my Clipper card. How can I get a replacement?

Visit the ASFC Welcome Center in the Campus Center, room 2016. There is a $3 replacement fee for the SmartPass. If your Clipper card was stolen and you bring in a police report the replacement fee will be waived. The Welcome Center will replace your Clipper card and SmartPass only, NOT ANY OTHER STORED VALUE(S). The  Smart Pass on your old Clipper card will be disabled, the Clipper card will not be disabled.
-- If you have any other stored value (BART, Caltrain, Muni, etc.) on your old Clipper card and you have registered your Clipper card with the MTC you can go to www.clippercard.com and report your original card lost or stolen and register your new card. Your old card will be disabled and the other stored value will be transferred to the new Clipper card.
-- If you had any other stored value (BART, Caltrain, Muni, etc.) and you did NOT register your Clipper Card with the MTC then unfortunately all the old value will be lost and you will not be able to recover it.

Q. May I give away or sell my SmartPass since I don't ride VTA?

Absolutely not. The SmartPass is not transferable. It is a violation of California Penal Code 640 (punishable by a fine of up to $250 and/or community service) if you give away or sell your VTA SmartPass Clipper card, or accept a VTA SmartPass Clipper  from another student. The College will report any solicitation of sale or transfer of the VTA SmartPass Clipper card to law enforcement authorities. Students in violation may be liable for the amount equal to the cost of a VTA Adult Regular Annual Pass (approximately $880) and other violations and disciplinary actions as provided in the Foothill De Anza Community College District's Student Code of Conduct AP (5510) and Student Due Process and Discipline (AP 5520) including possible suspension or expulsion from the College. All VTA SmartPass Clipper card holders shall be subject to VTA's fare inspection regulations. Misuse will result in confiscation by VTA authorized personnel. 
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